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MARY ANN HAS BEEN MY ALLY SPIRIT, listening for my heart¹s desire to speak and then teasing it out so I can hear it too. With her assistance I have been able to take action where in the past I would have hesitated. In the three months we have been working together I have sold my home, purchased a perfect new home and new car, reoriented my business to use my core strengths and skills, and dropped many emotional and physical burdens that had kept me spinning my wheels. Mary Ann has taught me how to feng shui myself!
- Communication Consultant, Seattle, WA

MARY ANN HAS HELPED ME TO FIND MY WAY around and through the huge obstacles in my career path that look liked mountains. She helps me take my greatest fears, break them down and see what it is I really want and need to do to achieve my goals and life plan. I always recommend Mary Ann to friends of mine who seem stuck or unable to see their way through their life or career change process. In these days when so many of us "40-something's" have such fluid and changing careers and work, Mary Ann has helped me to make sense of it all and take concrete steps to getting to the next place. Even though Mary Ann and I live on different coasts and "meet" over the phone, she is able to "hear" so much more of my process than people many others who have sat in the same room with me.
- Event Planner and Movement Teacher,Charlottesville, VA

I APPRECIATE YOUR DEEP LISTENING, SUPPORT, AND GENTLE GUIDANCE beyond measure. You have helped me through a personal crisis and have cheered me on as I've built my new business. I remember coming to you "in a box" where I didn't want to spend time marketing that would take away from writing my book. You asked, "So how could you market in a way that uses what you're writing?" That one question opened up worlds for me. Typical of the way you lead me to remember my own talents and resources, your question inspired a very popular newsletter--which in turn has brought new coaching clients, spawned the idea of a teleclass version of the newsletter, and became the channel through which participants sign up for the class. You're an angel!
- Personal Coach, Consultant and Author, Gainesville, FL

MARY ANN HAS HAD A PROFOUND IMPACT ON MY LIFE! Since I began with Mary Ann I have become much more focused in my business, as well as my personal life. Starting a new business seemed an almost insurmountable task. She has helped me break my tasks into manageable pieces and is helping me build a business that is lucrative,completely me, and fun! I have had a giant project that has been looming over my head for years but with Mary Ann's help we have made it manageable and more importantly, doable. I'm actually getting it done! Mary Ann’s coaching is much more than goal-setting. She has helped me define what I want, rather than what I should do. She helps me see clearly where I am now and where I want to go. She is giving me the tools to continue creating the life I want. Mary Ann is a terrific coach. I look forward to our time each week for clarity, insight, and lots of laughs.
- Business Owner, Denver, CO

I HAVE FELT THE INCREDIBLE POWER SHE CREATES BY LISTENING WITH HER HEART. No matter what I say or do as a result of our collaboration, it is accepted, enlarged and endorsed. I always produce a "win" because Mary Ann recognizes and maximizes the value in changes in beliefs and growing insights as well as actions. By providing both challenges and a soft place to land, Mary Ann gives me what I need when I need it. Even when I thought we had changed course, she reminded me that we were still on the path of following my soul. "Soule" is more than a name, it is a gift. I just think the world of her and her ability to listen, hear and support!
- School Psychologist, San Diego, CA

MARY ANN CHALLENGES ME TO BE BETTER. When Mary Ann and I started working together, my goals for our coaching were to have satisfaction with work, with a 10 minute, not 2 hour, commute; a feeling of excitement when I got up in the morning about what the day held for me; a feeling of community; and to feel healthier. I was highly dissatisfied, had no idea how to go about changing my situation, and was pretty scared about rocking the boat.

Fifteen months later, we have moved back to the West coast, and I am connected closely to my friends and family in a place that finally feels like "home". I have started my own business, with a 15-second commute to work that I am passionate about. I am fulfilled and deeply satisfied that my work makes a difference in the world, and I approach almost every day with anticipation. I am feeling healthier than I have in several years, take much better care of myself and have released 12 pounds fairly effortlessly.

As my coach, Mary Ann challenges me to be better, to push myself, to stretch out of my comfort zone and reach for the things I truly want, and does so with compassion and welcome playfulness. With her help, I have learned to treat myself with greater compassion, and I laugh at myself and life more. As a result of our work together, I've eliminated many of the unrealistic expectations and judgments I had of myself, and find that I am now much more productive. She frequently reminds me of the progress I am making toward creating what I want, and how far I've come, even when it feels like I'm taking nothing but steps backward.

Working with Mary Ann doesn't mean that you'll leave your job, move and start a new business, unless that's what you really want to do. However, if you are ready, she will assist you in getting clear on what you really want, so you begin to take concrete action steps toward making it a real part of your life. I'm delighted and grateful to have Mary Ann on my team, and would highly recommend her for yours!
- Business Owner, Portland, Oregon






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